Ritz Licensed Real Estate Agency
Broward County
Miami-Dade County
Greater Orlando - Central Florida
Specializing in
Efficiencies, Studios
Apartments, House
Roslyn J. Chancey
Licensed Real Estate Broker
License:  BK439089

Ritz is a firm believer that all housing opportunities
should be offered equally to all persons

Ritz adheres to a policy of
Equal Housing Opportunity for Everyone.

Copyright Protected

Ritz is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Agency
Specializing in Low-Cost Rentals.

Welcome to Ritz!

It gives you complete information.

To be the FIRST ONE
to learn about new vacancies,
you need to talk to the landlords
BEFORE they place their ads,
BEFORE anyone else gets a chance at them.

How can you know about rentals
BEFORE they are advertised?

will need the landlords' phone numbers.

That's what Ritz is all about!


Ritz is a real estate agency
licensed by the State of Florida
specializing in low-cost rentals.

$500 to $899
per month

Efficiencies, Studios, Apartments,
Houses, Mobile Homes,Trailers.

Ritz compiles the rental market.

Landlords get listed FREE,
so there are HUNDREDS listed.

Ritz is the ONLY agency that provides a
Landlords Contact List

We will provide you with
the landlords' phone numbers,
along with their former ads, so you will know
the type of rentals they might have in each city.

Every ad has
the city, price and phone number.

Almost all "scammer ads"
have been removed.

This is NOT a list of available rentals.

More like a phone book.
We only list ads $500-$899

The purpose of the list is to learn of
what rentals the landlords have NOW.

Landlords pay NO COMMISSION,
so they are able to offer their rentals
at the lowest possible price.

will get the list and call and speak
with these landlords directly,
on your own,
making your own terms,
with no agent in between
"messing up" your deal.

You will make a few calls
and quickly learn about the NEW vacancies
before anyone else knows about them.

Mostly, these are PRIVATE LANDLORDS.
They can work any kind of deal they want!

Many are not checking anything, and
are just looking for someone they like!

Obtain the list and start calling.
It's SIMPLE, it's EASY!

You can find a place immediately.

Ritz does NOT check
your credit, background or income.

Ritz has been offering this
wonderful program for over 30 years.

To make a comparable list,
you would have had to
"compile and screen"
the ads each day
for the past 24 months.  
Ritz has already done the work for you.

All you have to do is get the list and

Personal Note from me, Roslyn Chancey:

"Don't be afraid to sign up.

I am a REAL person and I am NOT
out to hurt you.

I am working on a dinky $50 fee
that the landlord pays.

If you need a cheap place,
but want one that is REALLY NICE,
don't be afraid to do this.

You NEED this list."

Check me out!  See who I am.  Go to:


THEN click "Verify a License"

Last Name:  Chancey
First Name:  Roslyn
Middle Name: J

(That's all you need to fill in)
THEN click "Search"

The state website searches by
name of broker ONLY.  
Do NOT enter my
d/b/a (doing business as) name Ritz.

If you do, it interferes with the search, and you will
see "no results".
So, just enter the above information.
Do NOT enter "Ritz".

After you check me out and
know you are safe,

You must register to get the list.

This is how it works:


You will pay $50 up front, then a landlord you
choose will take $50 off your rent.
per terms

The landlord is out $50,
but that's how he pays this fee.

This way, we can keep our fee low, because
we have no costly collection expenses.

There are 2 ways to pay:

1.  You can send $50 to our bank account
through Zelle,
Send to:  rentals@ritzhomes.net
Roslyn J. Chancey


2.  Send $50 by Western Union
to be "picked up"
by Roger Chancey in Margate, FL
Phone:  954-954-709-0694

(Then text to Roger at 954-709-0694
your name, the receipt number,
the city sent from.)

After you have paid $50,
send to me, (Roslyn)
at 954-816-6033
your email address and
the area you want
(Broward, Miami or Orlando)

I will send you the list by email as a
WORD document with a search box,
so you can put in a city,
and jump from one ad to the next.

I prefer texting, but
if you want to call me "live"
so you know I am a
real person,
you can call me.

Roslyn:  954-816-6033

I only have time,  
to basically say "hello", just so
you can feel comfortable knowing
you are dealing with a real person.

After that, you must TEXT any questions.

Texting gives us both an accurate record
of what's been said.

Text questions to me, Roslyn:  954-816-6033

Please do NOT ask what is available.
I do not have that information.

Landlords will tell you what they have available.

There are four lists for each area.
You will pay just once.
Lists are in six-months blocks of time,
and go back in date to catch expiring leases.

I know you would feel "safer" meeting
at my ofifce.  

However, if I spend my time
meeting people at my office,
I would not have time
to do the work I do now.

I would have to hire others to perform my work,

THEN, I would not be able to
maintain the low fee of $50,
(a price landlords are willing to reimburse)

I trust that you are business-minded enough
to understand this.

If you are still so worried you are getting
then, you know what?


You can keep searching Craigslist,
opening and closing ads
and dodging the scammers.

Yes, you will finally find a legitimate ad,
but know you will compete with
200 other tenants
after the same rental.  


Go to another agency where the landlord pays a
$1200 commissiion,
and you "think" for you it's FREE.

Typically, at another agency,
you will pay an extra
$100 per month
for the same rental listed at Ritz.
(That's how the landlord gets back his $1200.)

12 months at $100 = $1200.

It's YOU who will pay the $1200!!

(Don't expect other agencies to have
even one low-priced rental.
Why would a landlord pay an agency $1200
when he is listed FREE at Ritz?)


Rentals go on and off the market, continually.  
It is your responsibility to call the landlords
to ask if they presently have a vacancy.
Not all landlords will have a vacancy.

Broward list includes all cities in Broward County
Miami list includes all cities in Miami-Dade County
Orlando list includes the following Counties:  
Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole
Plus Brevard, Polk and Volusia
"This service is a blessing
from Heaven.  Thank you
so much.
"I didn't know what I was going
to do.  Thank you for offering
this service."
"Ive called all the landlords
online and no one calls me
Thanks for this wonderful list!"
"Just wanted to let you know
that I only had to make a few
calls and I found a great
place.  Thanks and I will
recommend this service."
"its been impossible to find a
place where I can take my cat.  
Now that I have the list there
are thousands of landlords for
me to call. Thanks for helping
"We were sleeping in our car.  
I wish I knew about you
sooner.  You're a Godsend."
"I found a place willing to take
me with my 2 puppies and I
found it the first day!"  Thanks
again for all your help."
"Wow, what a list!"  Thanks!"
"I found a place that took my
pitbull.  I couldn't believe it.
The list actually worked!"
"You're truly an angel."
"It's a blessing that you
provide this list of cheap
places.  There's almost
nothing being offered online
and not in the newspapers for
"I don't know what I would have
done if I had not found your
"You saved me so much time
not having to click open ads
online anymore.  Thanks!"
"I wanted to let you know that I
found the perfect place just
making calls for 2 hours.  
Thanks !"
"Thank you for offering this
service at such a low price that
people can afford.  It is really
needed and helped me to get
a good place.  I just wanted
you to know that.  Thank you."
"The best $50 I ever spent!"
"I was in so much trouble.  No
one would rent to me with an
eviction on my record.  You
were right that I  would find a
private landlord who would not
check.  Thanks.  I got a good
place.  Glad I signed up."
"So difficult trying to find a
place with my felony charge.  I
took your advice and leveled
with the landlord that it is so
difficult, and that if he gives me
a chance, I will stay a long time
because I don't want to go
through this again.  Thanks for
caring enough to help me."
Some of the nice
comments we have
heard over the
"What a great service!  
Thank you, thank you, thank
"You were right about
PRIVATE landlords being easy
to deal with.  My landlord let
me in with absolutely no
upfront money!  He's a nice
guy and just wanted a nice
tenant and willing to wait for my
first paycheck this  Friday.  I
can't thank you enough."
"I found a place near the bus
line and shopping just like you
said I would.  I made several
calls then found the perfect
place.  Wanted to tell you how
much I appreciate your
offering this service."
"It was truly a pleasure talking
with you and with Roger.  He
was so nice and so helpful. "
"I've been looking for a place
for a while.  It is hard to find a
place for rent.   Thank you so
much  Roslyn for the good
work you are doing. because
there's a lot of people right
now, they can't find nothing,
nothing, because it's so hard."